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April’s Featured Product: e-Signature Pads

April 4, 2017 - Author: PBS

Have you considered going paperless in your Service department? The PBS e-Signature (eSig) system allows you to electronically capture signatures on service invoices, loaner agreements and warranty copies, then simply email a copy to your customers.

For the month of April, purchase the e-Signature software and receive up to 3 eSig pads at no additional charge (@ $1,023 value).

Call us today at, 1-800-665-6304 Ext. 190 for more information.

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March: Featured Product – Prospecting CRM

March 1, 2017 - Author: PBS

This month we shine the spotlight on Prospecting CRM.  What does this term encompass?  Do I have it today? How can we get started?  Prospecting CRM was designed to establish and track the sales stages of communication between the sales reps and prospective customers. You will be able to manage marketing efforts and validate your ROI (return on investment).  Prospecting helps you create a pipeline of potential deals, track and manage the sales process, and create a strong customer relationship through communication and follow up tasks.

To learn more, attend one of our informational Webinars hosted every Monday and Wednesday for the month of March. 

Click HERE to register, or feel free to call us at 1-800-665-6304 x 190 for more information.

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Business Intelligence (BI) Webinar

- Author: PBS

We’ve had such an influx of requests regarding BI, we’re hosting informational webinars again for the month of March.  BI is an especially great tool for groups!  The BI product encompasses a variety of tools that enable dealers to collect data from their DMS. Our team of dedicated professionals will help you cross reference and identify trends to produce actionable results for decision makers. Let us do the heavy lifting of developing and running queries while you view visually appealing dashboards.


Click HERE to attend this webinar, hosted every Monday and Wednesday all throughout March. 

Or call 1-800-665-6304 x 190 to learn more!

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February FEATURE Product – Business Intelligence Reporting

February 1, 2017 - Author: PBS

Have the ability to quickly and easily analyze trends and Key Performance Indicators (KPI) that are meaningful to you. To learn more, please contact, or call 1-800-665-6304 x 190.  We are also hosting informational Webinars this month to showcase this product, to sign up, click here:

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UPCOMING Service Loaners (& Rentals) Webinar

January 11, 2017 - Author: PBS

The Service Loaners feature offers dealerships the ability reserve and track their loaner fleet through the software.  A calendar view of your loaner vehicle fleet will help you quickly determine which vehicles are available to reserve while booking an appointment, or creating the service order, as well as conveniently print loaner agreements and insurance documents.  Not only does the system allow you to track your loaner fleet, it can also be manipulated to adopt a more rental style functionality, allowing you to track rentals and take payments.  We will be hosting informational webinars of Service Loaners throughout the month of January. 

To sign up for the next Service Loaners Webinar, please visit our Global Training calendar ( . The next scheduled Webinars are January 17, 10AM (MST) and January 19th @ 2PM (MST).

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January’s Feature Product – Service Loaners

January 2, 2017 - Author: PBS

Did you know PBS has an electronic solution for managing your loaner fleet?  Our Service Loaners feature offers dealerships the ability reserve and track their loaner fleet through the software.  A quick snapshot of your loaner vehicles will help you determine which are available to reserve and allow you to conveniently print loaner agreements and insurance documents from within this module.

Please contact or 1-800-665-6304 Ext. 190 for more information.

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December’s FEATURED Product – Electronic Time Clock

December 1, 2016 - Author: PBS

For the month of December, we are shining the spot light on Time Clock.
Move away from punch cards and manual calculations, and start electronically managing employees’ hours. Aristo Time Clock makes tracking staff hours quick and easy with available reports including an Audit Log Report, Time Card Report, Overtime Report and an Unapplied Time Report. From anywhere in the dealership, employees can clock on and off, and visual cues within the software allow you to quickly see who is currently clocked-in, on break or clocked-out. This module is extremely simple to use, and quick to install & train. Contact or call 1-800-665-6304 x 190

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November Sale- Custom Letterhead

November 3, 2016 - Author: PBS

For the month of November, we are offering a price break on custom letterhead. If you’ve been meaning to create a new, updated letterhead, now is the time! Please contact

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October SALE: e-CRM Leads Management

October 13, 2016 - Author: PBS

eCRM takes Prospecting to a whole new level. Capture external leads from all of your 3rd party advertising sources and OEM websites, and easily manage those leads through your Prospecting software.

Receive 50% off the purchase price of ECRM for the month of October.  Please contact for more information.  

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